100 Companies In 100 Days

The most common misconception I hear with business is how hard it is to start. So I’m going to (attempt) to launch 100 companies in 100 days.

Every month I might do a transparent summary of the revenue. The goal is to have each company passively earning $200 in profit each day by the end of the year.

I’ll share most of the journey but I might be a bit busy haha. Send through any questions you have and I’ll start answering your questions on my podcast or my YouTube.

The goal is to show you how easy it is to start.


Day 1 - Authentically

Day 2 - Travel Influencers

Day 3 - Steven Male website

Day 4 - Settlers of Rattan

Day 5 - GrowHQ

Day 6 - InfluencerHQ

Day 7 - MonetizeHQ (hmm theme of domain names here)


Furniture dropshipping

Twitch.tv talent management company