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Hey! I'm Steven from New Zealand 🥝

Below you can find out more about the companies I'm building, the clients I've helped, and the journey I'm on.

Yup, that's me! 👋

I’m Steven, a recovering awkward turtle 🐢 who loves starting companies, finance, marketing, and personal development.

I’m currently sharing stories about:

  • How my team and I built a $1M in annual revenue start-up in 6 months,
  • How I went from a freelancer to building the most kick-ass agency in New Zealand then getting acquired,
  • Growing out of my shell (✋ high five for that pun), learning to manage people, starting more companies, and finding my spot in this crazy, crazy world.

Companies I've worked with through Inbound and stories I’ve shared through Storyo.

The logos below represent just some of the amazing people I've spoken to and worked with through my journey so far!

Some of the companies I've grown

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After running it for 5 years, we were acquired by OSSG!

With INBOUND, we help great companies have a deeper and wider impact on New Zealand and the rest of the world by helping them drive profits and maximize impact.
Inbound was my first company, a digital marketing agency, started back in 2014.

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  • Acquired in 2019


How do you inspire the next generation? By sharing the amazing journeys and stories of people around us who are already shaping the current generation.

The goal is to share the stories of amazing people doing incredible things across the globe. We've already interviewed 20+ New Zealanders and some international guests as well and are slowly building an impact in our corner of the globe. 🌏

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  • 20+ Stories To Date
  • Entrepreneurs Of The Year
  • Stories from Music Producers to Social Workers

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Hey! I'm Steven. 👋 After selling my marketing agency I decided to share everything. From starting a company, scaling, launching ads, hiring, buying houses, marketing automation secrets, and more. I'm learning a lot and so will you. Subscribe below.