About Steven Male

Managing Director of Inbound. Google & HubSpot Partner.


Ever since a little boy I loved two things. Goody goody gumdrops ice cream, and business (I’m the cuter kid on the right, sorry Mike).

It all started years ago when I was 17. I checked my bank account to see how much I could spend at the supermarket for lunch at uni and found 12 cents littered around my 7 accounts. To put things nicely, things weren’t going well.

But with 12 cents and a little fire within me, I decided to turn it all around. I’m now the Managing Director of one of the highest performing inbound marketing firms in Oceania and run an eCommerce store that I still can’t believe sometime hits $3,000 USD a day in revenue.

In my spare time, I love delving into complex growth projects which usually only startups can deliver. Although I do take on international clients, most of my time is spent on Kiwi companies as New Zealand still boasts the most fun and unique growth landscape I’ve seen. 



My Goal

It's strange. I love numbers and seeing them rise, but not for the sake that I want to be rich, just because I love maths. My partner (who's smarter than me) thinks I should explain this a little more because otherwise it looks like I'm just in it for the money.

My main goal is to start a charitable trust w/ $10 million in capital. Every year it will donate half of the profits received from company revenues and interest, to charity, and the other half will be reinvested. 

At the start, assuming a 10% interest rate, this means $500,000 a year can be donated to charitable purposes.

Why reinvest? Because of compound interest and sustainability. By reinvesting half the profit, in 20 years that $500,000 a year will because $1,263,475 a year. 

GiveWell does a study that works out how much you need to donate to effectively save a life of an under 5 year old child. With the charity DeWorm the World by Evidence Action, you can effectively save a life for $974.

To put that in English, my school which went from Pre-School to Year 13 and had 1,200 pupils. In 20 years, the charity could save the lives of everyone in my school... That's insane.

Anyway. So although my focus will be about increasing revenues and profit, my real intention is to grow one of the largest charitable trusts in New Zealand to do my part to help the world.