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How to rank on Google with SEO in 2020

Steven Male

How should we be thinking about search engine optimisation going into 2020?

Luckily the same rules for ranking on Google that I've been sharing for the last 5 years are only becoming more and more relevant! Woohoo 🎉

To think about this properly, we need to get in Google's head. What Google is trying to achieve?

Google wants to show the absolute best and most relevant result to the searcher.

This means if you're adding as much value as possible to your audience, you'll have a good chance of showing up!

But how can we test this? 🤷‍

Seth Godin came up with the simple and powerful litmus test that will almost guarantee that if you pass, you'll be ranking. 👍

It's called 'Next 10' and it goes like this.

Create a piece of content that you're proud of. One that you believe adds value to your audience.

Share it with 10 people who you think will get the most value from the article.

Did they share it?


Ask them for feedback, and improve on the content.

Try the next 10.

Did they share it?

Keep iterating and improving until the point where you share it with 10 people, and they share it with another 10!

When it's that valuable for your audience, you'll be ranking in no time because Google can't help but rank content like yours. ✨

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