Brand new course for 2020 🎉

The Ultimate Search Engine Optimisation Course

If you've ever wanted to become a marketing freelancer, and build a life you love, this is the course for you.

You'll learn everything I did to get clients as a freelancer, build that into an award-winning SEO agency, get acquired, travel the world to deliver workshops, and deliver SEO services that made our clients happier than their wedding day.
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Launching 14th of May, 2020

So why this course?

Here's why this course and learning from me will be more beneficial than that rando guy in Bali, on a jetski, posing in front of a rented lambo (yeah, in this scenario I guess the lambo is in the ocean too 🌊).

The following achievements aren't here to impress you, but to impress upon you that I've spent the last 10 years doing the work so you don't have to.

Save yourself the 10 years, learn from all my mistakes and shortcut to the successes.

  • I'm an award-winning digital marketer who has trained over 4,000 business owners & marketing professionals around the world.
  • My marketing consistently charged $5,000 - $10,000+ a month to clients around the world.
  • Over the last 7-years I started, built and sold one of the top award-winning digital marketing agencies in New Zealand while working with hundreds of clients. 🎉
  • I scaled a SaaS start-up to $80,000 in monthly recurring revenue in under 6 months.
  • I've been hired to run workshops for billion dollar companies (and got them to pay for flying overseas to see them).
  • I've built out both local & remote teams that have spanned more than 10 countries. 🌏
  • I've traveled around the world to attend conferences and meet clients. ✈️
  • I've spent more than $50,000 on courses with some of the world's best Facebook marketers, branding experts, search engine optimisation specialists, and business leaders.

And the most important achievement of all, I now spend about 4 hours a day building things I absolutely love, connecting with incredible clients and friends, and the rest of my time cooking, traveling, drinking coffees, meditating, and helping others.

I guess to sum it up, I'm literally sharing everything I've learned over the last 10 years to help you grow, build and scale your business. 🤯

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After this course, you'll be able to...

Scale massive campaigns
Have the confidence and the ability to launch and scale SEO campaigns for companies of all sizes (including billion dollar businesses). ⭐
Hire and train a team
Hire and train your team to perform marketing tasks at a world-class level. We rank each activity based on impact & effort so you never have to guess what to do next.
Rank any site through SEO
Have the tools and knowledge to rank almost any site through search engine optimisation, and get paid for it. 🎉
Launch ads that work
Launch Google, Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns that earn a positive ROI. 💰
Get clients
Get clients and build a business that prioritizes happiness over hustle so you can truly get the most out of life.
Problem solve any situation
Set up analytics to identify what's working and what's not in any digital marketing situation and solve it. 🙌
Launch more, faster

Join others already leveling up their marketing.

With direct access to an award-winning marketer who scaled and sold one of the top digital inbound marketing agencies in Oceania, you'll be delivering results like never before.
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@Brent Wimmers
Steven is great to work with. A real subject matter expert on all things SEO and Inbound. It's been a great journey so far and we're looking forward to reaping the rewards we're already starting to see.

@Katie Mills
We're at the beginning our of journey with the team. Their attention to detail, enthusiasm and fast-results have been a joy. We're looking forward to more.

@Jason Taane
Steven know's his stuff and make the magic happen. Super easy to deal with.

@Sally Matson
Working with Steven on my website and sorting my SEO was easy, as he explained everything to me in terms I could understand. I would recommend to others.


What you'll learn

You'll learn everything you need to get clients, deliver award-winning services to your clients, and make them come back and beg you for more.
Local SEO 📍

You'll learn this cornerstone skill that will deliver incredible results to your clients and drive revenue.

Released With Launch
Pricing & Launching 🚀

You'll learn exactly what you should to get sales so you can grow as quickly as you want.

Released With Launch
On-Page & Off-Page SEO 📈

How to analyze and rank websites and fine more revenue opportunties for your clients.

Coming Soon
Generating Leads 💰

You'll learn the fundamentals of tracking conversion pathways, and ensuring that you're generating leads and sales consistently.

Coming Soon
Google Ads ✨

We'll teach you how to build campaigns, avoid unwanted clicks, set up conversion pathways, and campaign structures to make sure Google Ads is working for you.

Coming Soon
Website 💻

Finally you'll learn the key elements of websites that converts and how to turn what you have into a revenue & brand machine with a few simple tweaks.

Coming Soon
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Beta Pricing

Currently the price is $197.

The price will increase to $1,500+ soon as I'll be spending 2020 building as much as I can into this course.

Beta limited to 1,000 spots. We've filled up the first intake due to the massive spike in demand but we are due to re-open soon!
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