The Freelancer Workshop

In 8-weeks learn how to become a marketing freelancer, get your first client, and build a life you love for only $297 NZD.

You'll learn everything I did to get clients without picking up the phone, deliver services that made them happier than their wedding day, and generate over $1,000,000 in 2019 in revenue.
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Watch it in action

Marketing can feel scary, so I'll run you through real & recent examples, like the one below where I took this client below from $30,000 a month in revenue in July 2019 to over $140,000 a month in May 2020 and earned $48,473 income from one client alone working one day a week.

Everything you need to deliver award-wining marketing services & get your first client

Feeling confident that you're delivering enough value can be hard.

It took me seven full years of anxious phone calls and client work to figure out how to build a process that I loved, what clients I love working with, and what services I can deliver that will guarantee a smile on my client's face.

Since then, I've travelled around the world to conferences, and worked with some of the coolest companies.

I've had clients in San Jose, Boston, Australia, and New Zealand buy me dinner! 🥗

Imagine getting taken out by the people who are paying you money, buying you dinner, because they're so happy with the results.

The focus in this course is to teach you how to deliver incredible results to wholesome local business owners that deserve it.

I give you the confidence you deserve by giving you the landing pages templates, ad formulas, and scripts I use to close clients without picking up the phone.

You're going to learn step-by-step how to find a client, deliver hundreds of leads, charge a healthy monthly fee, and have a whole bunch of fun.

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What You'll Learn

I have so much fun helping clients this way, you're going to love it! You'll receive step-by-step lessons, daily action steps & PRIZES! 🎁

Research & Vision 🚀

You'll learn exactly how to figure out what you're really after, who you want to work with, and your 12-month goal!

Building Your Website 🔨

A step-by-step guide to launching a website that generates you leads while you sleep (I do everything without a single line of code so no tech skills required!).

Zero To Marketing Hero 🦸

How to go from knowing nothing about marketing to building your first $1,000 business this weekend (Watch over my shoulder as I build a new business a week).

Get Your First Client 💰

You'll see the exact process I used to get new clients just through 20-minutes of Googling. No phone calls required!

Attract Clients Who Love You 👋

Our most cost-effective way to get leads & customers in 2020 (I show you exactly how I generated $60,000 worth of leads by spending only $470 last week)

How To Help Local Companies 📌

The three things you need to do to have companies begging to work with you (with copy-paste templates to kick you off)

How To Scale 🌱

You'll learn how to scale this process so you can bring people in to do the heavy lifting and free up your time.

What Services To Deliver 📈

Step-by-step checklists on services you can deliver today (if you're unsure what to offer at the start, I show you multiple services you can provide and teach you how to deliver them).

Bonus 🧁

When you finished your first site, I'll send you a personal review answering any questions you have, and helping you right from the first step!
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Everything you need just a few taps away

Are you in the process of building up an income on the side?

After starting an award-winning agency 7 years ago, 6-months ago we were acquired! 💰

Now I'm putting everything I learned into this handbook.

Chill more, stress less learning from our mistakes

Whether you're curious about freelancing, looking to grow, starting an agency, or taking an agency from 3 - 15+ staff, you're going to learn a ton.

I'll be covering everything I learned as I helped hundreds of clients and include all the templates and scripts to get you started faster than ever.

Join a community

Join a community of other local heroes like yourself who helping small businesses thrive and making an amazing living doing so.

Don't go at this alone.

What You'll Be Able To Do

A little snapshot of what you'll be able to do after this course.

Keyword Research 📝

Find what industries and clients you can help the most and what industries will be more trouble than their worth. This will save you months chasing dead ends.

Build Landing Pages 🔨

Learn how to build simple and powerful landing pages that generate results 50% better than the industry standard.

None of these websites requires you to know how to code, and I provide templates that you can copy-paste too!

Launch Ad Campaigns That Work 📈

Learn how to launch Google & Facebook ads that will deliver  leads and sales to your clients within the first week and help you stand out compared to the rest of the industry.

Rank on Google 📌

Learn how to appear on the first page of Google through organic and local search engine optimisation.

Get Clients 🎉

Whether you want to call or email, you'll learn the exact scripts you can copy-paste to attract wholesome clients.

Deliver Results 💰

Through this method, you'll be delivering value in the first week compared to the industry standard of months.

Help local businesses thrive, have fun, and build a daily routine you love.
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With the knowledge in this course I've:

  • Consistently charged $5,000 - $10,000+ a month retainers to my clients
  • Started, built and sold one of the top award-winning inbound marketing agencies in New Zealand
  • Been hired to run workshops for billion-dollar companies and got other companies to pay us to fly overseas to see them
  • Built out both local & remote teams that have spanned more than 10 countries 🌏
  • Built courses and trained over 4,000 professionals 👩‍🏫
  • Travelled around the world to attend super fun conferences ✈️
  • Delivered results so good that our clients bought us dinners
  • Spent more than $50,000 on courses with some of the world's best Facebook marketers, branding experts, search engine optimisation specialists, and business leaders to ensure all the content in this course is worth it.

None of this is to impress you, but it's to impress upon you that I've done the hard work making all the mistakes, so you don't have to.

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Launch more, faster

I'm here to help level up your growth.

With direct access to an award-winning marketer, you'll be delivering results like never before.
@Brent Wimmers
Steven is great to work with. A real subject matter expert on all things SEO and Inbound. It's been a great journey so far and we're looking forward to reaping the rewards we're already starting to see.

@Katie Mills
We're at the beginning our of journey with the team. Their attention to detail, enthusiasm and fast-results have been a joy. We're looking forward to more.

@Jason Taane
Steven know's his stuff and make the magic happen. Super easy to deal with.

@Sally Matson
Working with Steven on my website and sorting my SEO was easy, as he explained everything to me in terms I could understand. I would recommend to others.


Money Back Guarantee

I don't take you spending both your time or money with me lightly, so I offer a full 90-day money-back guarantee on everything I do.

By doing this, I hope you can have more fun and give you the confidence taking steps that can make a difference for you and your business.
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