The Ultimate Digital Marketing Course

Over the last 7-years I started and built an award-winning digital marketing agency here in New Zealand, trained over 4,000 marketing professionals, worked with hundreds of clients, and have just been acquired! 🎉

Now I'm partnering with some of the top marketing minds around the world to create the ultimate digital marketing course for 2020.
Launching 31st of February, 2020

By the end you'll be able to...

Have the confidence and the ability to launch and scale marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes (including billion dollar businesses). ⭐

Train a team to perform marketing tasks at a higher level.

Have the tools and knowledge to rank almost any site through search engine optimisation. 🎉

Launch Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns that earn a positive ROI.

Launch a successful agency and have a range of clients. 🤯

Create and optimise websites that convert.

Identify what's working and what's not in any digital marketing situation and problem solve most situations. 🙌

Launch Google Ad campaigns that work.


Who exactly is this for?

Digital Marketers

This will be the quickest way to deliver award-winning results to your team.

Learn from our courses, apply what you learn, build relationships with other amazing marketers, and deliver outstanding results time and time again.

CMOs & Managers

Often as a CMO or a manager of a team of marketers, you're the one setting the strategy and giving direction but it's hard to stay up to date with all of the best practices.

Up-skill yourself and the team with these courses and understand what your team can truly deliver.

Freelancers & Owners

Whether you're starting as a freelancer, running a funded start-up or are a small-medium sized business owner, it's great to have the know how on growth.

This course will not only help you build growth faster but will help you hire better as well.

Launching 31st of February, 2020

Why me as the trainer?

I'm an award-winning digital marketer who has trained over 4,000 small business owners & marketing professionals around the world.

You'll learn exactly what a marketing agency would deliver clients who were paying $10,000+ a month and be able to do it all for yourself, for free.

Over the last 7-years I started, built and sold one of the top award-winning digital marketing agencies in New Zealand while working with hundreds of clients. You'll be learning everything I did to do this.🎉

I scaled a SaaS start-up to $80,000 in monthly recurring revenue in under 6 months. You'll also be learning everything I did to do this as well.

I've been hired to run workshops for billion dollar companies. I'll be running through the content I cover in these workshops.

I've built out both local & remote teams that have spanned more than 10 countries. 🌏

I've traveled around the world to attend conferences and meet clients. ✈️

I've spent more than $50,000 on courses with some of the world's best Facebook marketers, branding experts, search engine optimisation specialists, and business leaders and you'll get all of that in here as well.

I guess to sum it up, I'm literally sharing everything I've learned over the last 10 years to help you grow, build and scale your business. 🤯


What you'll learn

While running the agency for the last 7-years we built out playbooks to ensure we could deliver massive results consistently to every new client that came on board.
Facebook Ads 🤳

After launching hundreds of campaigns myself and learning from the best in the world who have spent tens to hundreds of millions, you'll get the latest tips in creating Facebook and Instagram campaigns that deliver results.

Best part? I'll also teach you how to figure out what to do when you have a campaign that just isn't delivering the results you need.

Released With Launch

Search engine optimisation is one of the fundamentals of digital marketing. It's all about how to rank higher on Google.

You'll be learning everything I know about ranking websites in New Zealand which I've been doing for over 10 years now.

I've also partnered with one of the world's best SEO experts so I can show you how the biggest brands & companies around the world are doing it globally.

Released With Launch
Website 💻

Everything online starts with a website but most websites aren't built for conversion.

I'll be teaching you the key elements of websites that convert and how to turn what you have into a revenue & brand machine with a few simple tweaks.

I'll also be teaching you how to build your own sites & landing pages so you can launch campaigns even faster.

Coming Soon
Google Ads ✨

The quickest way to generate instant results is through Google Ads, but creating a campaign that generates results without wasting budget is hard!

I'll teach you how to build campaigns, avoid unwanted clicks, set up conversion pathways, campaign structures and ultimately how to make sure Google Ads is working for you.

Coming Soon
Generating Leads 💰

If you're in the realm of digital marketing, chances are you've been tasked to generate leads and sales.

I'll show you the fundamentals of tracking conversion pathways, running split-tests, and ensuring that you're generating leads and sales consistently.

We'll also talk about the latest ways to generate cost effective leads and sales.

Coming Soon
Content, Email Marketing & Automation 🎉

We'll also be covering everything else in the inbound marketing spectrum, from content clusters, building buyer personas, email marketing, and may potentially even cover the latest marketing automation tools so you can see how the most successful companies can run massive campaigns with a small team.

Coming Soon

Beta Pricing

The price will increase to $1,500+ soon as I'll be spending 2020 building as much as I can into this course.

If you buy it now in the beta, you'll get access to all the new content, and features for free, including potentially monthly coaching calls, a Facebook community group and more.

You'll also be able to communicate with me directly through live chat to answer questions, and build courses and topics around your needs.

Most of these features will disappear once the courses are done and the price increases so get in early! ✨

Beta limited to 100 spots.
Launching 31st of February, 2020
Marketing Course
  • Live chat to talk with me and my team directly to answer questions, and help shape future courses
  • A shortcut to becoming a professional digital marketer by taking all the knowledge I've learned over the last 10 years
  • A community of professional & supportive digital marketers to learn from and engage with

Get started today with one payment of $450 or 3 payments of $175 NZD.

Includes a full 60-day money back guarantee.

Learn how to grow, for free!

Hey I'm Steven from New Zealand 👋 After 7 years of growing an award-winning marketing agency, we got acquired! 🥂 Now I'm sharing everything, from starting companies, scaling, launching ads, hiring, and more. I'm learning a lot and so will you. Subscribe below.
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