OMG You Made It!

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Hey stranger! 🧔

I’m Steven, I’m a recovering awkward turtle 🐢 (quack*) and I love starting and scaling companies.

From billion dollar companies and those just starting up I love helping people change their lives and the world through marketing.

I’m sharing my journey of growing out of my shell (✋ high five for that pun), starting companies, learning to manage people, starting more companies, and finding my spot in this crazy, crazy world.

I’m currently sharing stories about:

  • How my team and I built a $1M in annual revenue start-up in 6 months and our journey launching a new travel start-up for influencers (whaaaaat?!),

  • How I went from a freelancer to building an agency and our journey to become the most kick-ass agency in New Zealand

  • How to create a life and income around a personal brand

  • The top personal development things I do to try be the best CEO, start-up founder, boyfriend, friend, and random person walking on the street I can be,

I believe promises are an important part of any relationship, including when you follow someone on Instagram 😂. Here’s what I promise to deliver.

  • I promise to create a space where you feel safe, connected, inspired, and uplifted with other people like you.

  • I promise to create content, tools, and a space where you can create, play, learn, grow, and become one of the best in your craft.

  • I promise to care almost as much about your product / service / mission as you do.

  • I promise to bring my all, my energy, positivity, presence, and knowledge to help you go from where you are to where you want to be.

  • I promise to work on myself so I have as much as possible to offer you.

  • I promise to only accept work I'm passionate about so if I do work with you, you know you're one of the few.

  • I promise to act proactively, and with radical candor. To have hard conversations that need to be had, and to push you

  • I promise to show up and ensure that you are seen, the way that I want to be seen. That you will be treated the way I want to be treated.  

  • I promise to tell the truth. If it's not working out, or if there's a better way that doesn't involve me, I'll let you know.

So if you're interested in starting a business, becoming a freelancer, or building a personal brand, follow me and hopefully you can learn something from the successes and mistakes I've made throughout my journey!