OMG You Made It!

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Hey stranger! 🧔

I’m Steven and I love starting and scaling companies.

From billion dollar companies and those just starting up I love helping people change the world through marketing.

I’m a recovering awkward turtle 🐢 (quack*), I believe anxiety is a superpower, and I’m openly nerdy. 🎮

I’m sharing my journey of growing out of my shell (✋ high five for that pun), starting companies, learning to manage people, starting more companies, and finding my spot in this crazy, crazy world.

I’m currently sharing stories about:

  • How my team and I built a $1M in annual revenue start-up in 6 months,

  • The top personal development things I do to try be the best CEO, start-up founder, boyfriend, brother, son, friend, and random person walking on the street I can be,

  • A new travel start-up for influencers (whaaaaat?! That’s exciting),

  • Starting 100 companies in 100 days (unsure if I’ll continue this lol),

  • And real life guides on how my agency helps established companies generate massive growth.

To read the stories, check out the blog!

I’m also currently helping people to start new and scale existing companies. To see if I can help you, check out how I can help.