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Opus International

I helped double the online visibility & grow a $250 million dollar brand.

Opus International came to us with one simple request. “Can you make us appear on Google?”

This seemed like an easy task for us until we realised they had 11 websites between Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Fiji and a global website on top of that.

Through an extensive case of local search engine optimisation - we created over 500 different localised business listings and backlinks in each of the countries above an attempt to cement each of their websites in their respective local market.

I doubled their visibility. I did the same for every single one of their websites, massively increasing their brand awareness and amount of business derived from organic traffic which is their largest source of website traffic and potentially revenue.



Largest Insurance Provider In NZ

I managed the search engine optimisation of a $1 billion dollar insurance company and fixed an issue that would be costing them $$$.

The largest insurance provider in New Zealand came to me with a problem. Sitting on the front page of Google, right below their brand search result was the following.

“### insurance f***ed me over”

This Google result was appearing on over 200,000 searches every single month and costing them potentially hundreds of thousands in lost revenue.

Before the client had solved the situation with their customer, the customer had left a scathing review on Reddit. When the client contacted us, the post had been live for over 3 years as they had originally attempted to solve the challenge themselves.

The top priority was to remove the Reddit post completely. After that was taken care of, our focus was to be moved towards two thing:

  • Improvements in rankings for the companies other major assets such as their social pages and increase their rankings overall.

After 6 months of hard work, we managed to completely remove the negative post and successfully completed our mission.



Travel Influencers

Zero to $1M in annual recurring revenue in 6 months

Travel Influencers was an interesting project for us to work on. Their problem? They were a startup who had literally launched their website a few weeks earlier. It was also my start-up.

Because of our infancy, we decided that Adwords & Facebook ads was the best option to deliver quick wins up front while we worked on their organic presence through search engine optimisation (SEO) for the long term traffic.

With a total budget of $41,763,23, we managed to deliver a total conversion value of $236,593. This is roughly a 5.6x ROI.

And as we said before, while we were delivering a quick win with the Adwords, SEO started to kick in. With a total of 349,705 sessions, today we are now seeing over 90% of the traffic come from organic search and delivering a staggering 3x higher conversion rate than the Adwords traffic.

In 2018 we managed to deliver 199,904 users to their site with a whopping 733,293 pageviews.


More REsults!

Over 12 months through search engine optimisation, I doubled the visitors and leads to a $5m branding agency.


12-months working with one of New Zealand’s top electricity company:

  • Increased the number of website visitors by 7x,

  • Completely launched and managed the ads leading to a 6x return on ad spend

  • 22 form submissions within 21 days after adding newsletter subscribe form/button,

  •  17.56% increase in average time on page and 4.87% decrease in bounce rate of pages after we began writing content.


Helped a new startup generate 1,868 users and 15,806 page views in the first 40 days.


Helped a Snapchat startup double their search engine presence in 30 days through search engine optimisation, partnerships, and PR.

Doubled the leads and sales of a local law firm in 30 days.

Helped a Kiwi tech start-up generate:

  • 116% increase in website traffic in 60 days,

  • Generate 68 lead flow submissions to date from B2B leads in 120 days,

  • Launched an email campaign that generated insane engagement (a 68.2% open rate and 25.8 % click rate versus the industry average of 19.81% and 2.05%).


Grew a local gym:

  • Generated 76 new gym trials within 60 days,

  • Generated another 75 contacts through a chatbot,

  • Increased their website traffic by 14.35% within 30 days of starting SEO and highly targeted social ads,

  • Increased FB ads link click through rate from 0.70% to 4.31% within 30 days of them switching to us.


Working with an established IT support & software development company we launched three inbound campaigns/flywheels within 90 days and generated a total of 4,829 visits and 41 contacts.

  • Assuming a 10% conversion rate, LTV of converted leads estimated at $199.8k.


Growing a fleet management company :

  • Generated 27 conversions (contact us form submission/enquiry) from $1.79k ad spend Oct-Dec,

  • LTV of each customer is roughly $4.8k.


Helping grow a luxury consumer goods brand:

  • Increased website traffic by 52% and page views by 39% within 30 days of starting SEO and generating content on the new website.


Worked with a nationally renowned interior designer:

  • Revised flywheel launched in 2018 generated 12,000+ sessions and 252 contacts,

  • LTV of a client is estimated to be $50k,

  • 61% of session traffic driven and 66% of new contacts driven by SEO and paid social.

Growing one of New Zealand’s leading vapor companies:

  • Started running Adwords in July 2018,

  • 11 conversions off a $470 spend (July 2018),

  • 224 conversions off a $1.14k spend (Nov 2018),

  • 810 conversions off $7.49k spend (Jul - Dec 2018),

  • 810 x $70 AOV = $56,700 (7.6x ROI),

  • SEO contributing the highest proportion of new traffic - 74%,

  • 73.63% increase in traffic between vs previous year (Jul - Dec period),

  • 165 form submissions within 30 days of launch of new lead flow,

  • 442 lead flow submissions to date (exactly 60 days),

  • 37% open rate and 35% click rate for end of year wrap up email campaign (industry average for e-comm is 16.75% open and 2.32% click rate).


Built a premium FMCG brand:

  • Increased traffic by 110%, page views by 288% and decreased bounce rate by 52% within 60 days of launching the new website.


Worked with one of Australia’s leading shopping malls:

  • 55 new contacts gathered via VIP sign up lead flow within 30 days of launch.

  • 36% increase in traffic, 78% increase in page views and 11% decrease in bounce rate.


Helping a growing ethical organic yoga store:

  • 18% increase in website traffic,

  • Over 120+ positive movements in keyword rankings,

  • Achieved 45 keywords in the 1-10 position,

  • Average rank increased by 56%.


Helping a leading New Zealand charity:

  • Christmas volunteering campaign generated 28 volunteer sign ups with a $417 budget,

  • Managing Google’s $10,000 charity grant to ensure they’re achieving maximum impact,

  • 190% increase in traffic to ‘stories’ (blog) section once we started assisting with content production.


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