I help local companies get to $100k/mo in 12 months with Google & Facebook ads

We deliver leads & sales to your business within 7 days.

You run your dream business. We'll bring the customers. 🙌

Companies we've worked with and stories we’ve shared.

Authentically - $0 to $76,000 in monthly recurring revenue in 6 months

Handyman Near Me - Generated $7,000 in leads over 5 days

Health & Sports Fitness Club - 161 new membership trials within 90 days

Wells & Co - increased the leads of a local law firm by 47% in 30 days

We deliver you leads & sales

We deliver a consistent flow of leads & customers to your business.

By doing the work for you upfront, we start delivering leads within 7 days, not 7 months.

Using our 7 years of experience we build a landing page, rank it on Google, run ads to it and generate a lot of leads.

You rent that page off us, and we send you all the leads. Simple as that.

Since we only work with and recommend one company per industry in each region, customers trust us and they convert.

No need to wait another 6 months for 'SEO to kick in.'

Don't just take our word for it

We delivered 12 enquiries to a local handyman in Auckland over a 5-day period. Below are some of the email enquiries.

This was a total job value of over $7,000.

Here's the site we built to deliver these leads.
"The owner would like to have some window stays fitted and the oven knobs keep coming off - one looks like it has melted where the metal prod fits into the knob."
"Looking for someone that could remove the tiles in preparation for new kitchen cabinets. also need new jib replacement for kitchen renovation"
"Hi there, we have had a baluster pop out on our staircase and need it replaced, we have spare balusters"
"Hi there I'm needing a rotten board replaced in a shower is that something you could help me with?"
"There's a small part of particles floor board under carpet needed to be replaced. Water seeped in from French door area over time. I'll need a quick fix as in the midst of selling house. Will need quote soonest. Thanks"
"Mangere area. I want quote for paving concrete"

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Note: We only work with one small business per industry per region.

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