6 To 7-Figure Business

After doing SEO for a lot of small and large companies here in New Zealand I’ve noticed a few things. It’s hard for you to know who to trust and how marketing leads to measure results.

So here’s what this service is and how it solves those problems.

The goal here is to work with you to find out exactly how you’re currently performing, cut what’s not working, double down on what is, improve how your SEO, and create a clear growth map so we can increase your revenue every single month.


In this package I will:


  • Set up analytics with goal tracking
  • Set up a feedback system so we can improve your messaging, help you find product market fit, help you acquire more customers, and up-sell your current ones
  • Set up heat maps on key pages so we find how visitors interact with your current website
  • Set up visitor tracking so we can see how visitors flow through the website
  • Send you monthly reports to make the key metrics visible to you along with suggestions on how to improve every single month


  • Get you on the map in search engines
  • Submit your site to all business directories to help maximize inquiries and ensure that you appear when local customers search for you
  • Identify the most powerful keywords that you should be targeting that will deliver the most revenue
  • Work with you every single month to increase your position on Google for those main keywords


If you want even more growth, I can work with you to implement these solutions. But I’d always suggest we start here since it gives me a great chance to implement quick wins AND figure out the best growth opportunities for you.

Costs start at $1,500 a month for the above.

If you’re ready to get started or have a few questions click here and get in touch.