Growth Experiment: Webflow Application πŸŽ‰

In this experiment, I'm applying for a job at Webflow!
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August 2022
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August 8th πŸ‘‰ September 8th, 2022

Time Requirement


I.C.E. (🧊 out of 5)

Apply for the Senior Director of Growth Marketing position at Webflow and successfully get the position.


The Senior Director position looks like the perfect next step for my journey.

This role will help combine my passion around growth marketing with a software company that I deeply understand and love using.

And I love what Webflow is doing in terms of EDI, especially around a subject I love to talk about, digital accessibility!


Success βœ…

Success to me is a conversation with the team! To be able to share my story and my journey, and to hopefully be offered the position.


Failure ❌

Getting no response at all.


Next Steps / Pivot ✨

GIF of Ross from friends yelling pivot

I'm super keen to work for a company that I really love using in my own time so meeting some of the Webflow team would really help open the door in the future when there are other jobs that might be a better fit.

Next steps could be:

πŸ‘‰ Run a LinkedIn ad campaign targeting employees at Webflow to create some more awareness.

πŸ‘‰ Do another round of reviews on my CV & cover letter to get my highlights across more effectively.

πŸ‘‰ Finally, I can try to message some people onΒ LinkedIn who are already in growth or marketing at Webflow and talk to them to get a better understanding of what they do and where my gaps might be compared to them.


Riskiest Assumption 😬

I'm based in New Zealand and the position might require the candidate to already be living in the U.S.

I know New Zealand has an easier time getting a work visa than most countries and has also recently waived interview requirements. From the US govt website regarding NZ, "this process is efficient and easy and allows processing of your case in 2-3 weeks."