How I Can Help (You)

I help build companies and scale start-ups.

I’ve helped numerous companies from start-ups to billion dollar businesses grow and have even started a few of my own. My most recent creation has gone from $0 to $1,000,000 in annual recurring revenue in 6 months completely bootstrapped and I’m in the process of launching another.

I also help new business owners get out of the business. For the start-up above, I spend 3 hours a week ‘managing’. My epic team does the rest.

At the moment I’m focusing on:

  • Training and strategy w/ companies who use HubSpot

  • Helping influencers monetize their audience

  • Offering growth and marketing training and strategy

  • Starting and scaling eCommerce companies

  • Helping SaaS start-ups achieve product market fit & find a growth channel to hit their next revenue goals.


I believe promises are an important part of any relationship. When you work with me, here’s what I promise to deliver.

  • I promise to create a space where you feel safe, connected, inspired, and uplifted with other people like you.

  • I promise to create content, tools, and a space where you can create, play, learn, grow, and become one of the best in your craft. 

  • I promise to care almost as much about your product / service / mission as you do.

  • I promise to bring my all, my energy, positivity, presence, and knowledge to help you go from where you are to where you want to be.

  • I promise to be a leader because it can be tough and someone has to start. 

  • I promise to work on myself so I have as much as possible to offer you. 

  • I promise to only accept work I'm passionate about so if I do work with you, you know you're one of the few. 

  • I promise to act proactively, and with radical candor. To have hard conversations that need to be had, and to push you

  • I promise to show up and ensure that you are seen, the way that I want to be seen. That you will be treated the way I want to be treated.  

  • I promise to tell the truth. If it's not working out, or if there's a better way that doesn't involve me, I'll let you know.

How I Work

I bill hourly @ $350/hour NZD and invoice monthly. I do not have minimums or monthly retainers. The majority of my clients who have an in-house team need me for 10 to 20 hours total; after that, they might have the occasional email question or want to invest an hour in a web conference or review of a new marketing initiative etc., but there isn’t really any ongoing expense.

For those that don’t have an in-house team, I can set up a very effective, lean, results driven retainer. I’ve spent over 5 years validating the most cost effective growth techniques and I’ll help you use my networks to achieve the same results for your business.

Since I’m expensive, and I know what it’s like to be a startup, if I don’t have to do the work, I won’t. I’ll be leveraging my personal team as much as possible. This keeps costs down as much as possible for you while delivering the exact same results.

When I begin the engagement with the client, I go through and re-estimate of the time requirements based on the client’s needs and the size and complexity of their project & growth goals. This means you’ll know the exact scope of each project before we begin.


Measurable Results

The overall metric I pay attention to is growth.

Some strategies will show effects pretty quickly (copy, conversion optimisation, Google Places for search, ads); many changes take several months to show an impact (search engine optimisation, feedback loop optimisation, surveys and NPS, content marketing).

We’ll work together to put the strategies recommended in order of priority to ensure you’re maximising both the long term and short term growth.

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