Car Storage Niche Earning $120,000 πŸ“¦

Heya! πŸ‘‹

Today we're covering a local car storage niche I found which is worth $120,000... a month

Best part? Literally, no one else is trying to rank for it.

For those of you who are more visual, check out the video below!

If you prefer to read, I outline it all below.

The niche I stumbled across today is car storage. Something I've never thought about before πŸ˜‚

As you can see, this keyword alone has 200 searches every single month with almost no competition.

Hopefully, you can make that image below bigger, but essentially the top 5 competitors have next to no backlinks which means it'll be super easy to outrank them through local search engine optimisation.

And even in Google Ads, two of the four companies don't even have the keyword 'car storage' in their ad which means it'll be quite cost-effective to run Google AdWords as well.

So I built a landing page to test this niche out!

You'll notice it's quite similar to the handyman landing page, but there's simply no need to spend any more time on the landing page until we've verified that this is a niche worth pursuing.

Now we've got a site that works, instead of waiting for it to rank organically, we first want to test to see if the people searching will actually get in touch.

So I built some quick ads that run to the landing page, and set up call tracking too to see if we get any callers!

Google actually gives you $100 in free credit with new accounts so very quickly you can run some ads, and test to see if this is a winning niche before you invest any more money.

And that's how today went!

I'll keep you posted over the coming few days on how this niche is turning out but the opportunity looks huge!

And lookout for the email tomorrow where we'll explore a new niche and a new website!

Next Steps

My passion is to help as many local companies as I can so if you found this valuable, please forward it to as many people as you know that might find it useful too 😍

Want to win one of these companies? Join the competition!‍

If you want me to find a niche, build the website, test with ads, and hand over a website that's already proven to generate at least $5,000 worth a month of leads which you can then rent to someone else, get in touch!

Finally, if you want me to build you one of these for your niche, let me know! I guarantee that this will be the best investment you've made into your marketing or your money back. And if you know someone who might need this, we're offering 10% in referral bonuses!


As always, send through any and all questions!

Look forward to hearing from you.


Steven πŸŽ‰

PSST: I'm sharing the journey of getting my first 100 customers for my web accessibility side project & growing a startup to $2M ARR. I'm learning a lot and so will you ✨
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