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Managing Director of Inbound. Co-founder of Travel Influencers. Story teller at Kia Ora.

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I’m Steven, I’m a recovering awkward turtle 🐢 (quack*) and I love finance, marketing, personal development, and starting and scaling companies.

From billion dollar businesses to those just starting up I love helping people change their lives and the world through marketing.

I’m sharing my journey of growing out of my shell (✋ high five for that pun), starting companies, learning to manage people, starting more companies, and finding my spot in this crazy, crazy world.

I’m currently sharing stories about:

  • How my team and I built a $1M in annual revenue start-up in 6 months and our journey launching a new travel start-up for influencers

  • How I went from a freelancer to building an agency and sharing our journey to become the most kick-ass agency in New Zealand

  • The top personal development things I do to try be the best CEO, start-up founder, boyfriend, friend, and random person walking on the street I can be

Steven is the best!
— Steven's Mum




Companies I've worked with through Inbound and stories I’ve shared through Kia Ora

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Companies I’m part of


Inbound - We are a marketing agency who helps New Zealand’s small and medium enterprises find and grow markets for their products. We have the tools and experience to help you realise the potential of your innovation and we're helping Kiwi firms take products and services to the world with an unrelenting commitment to technology and expertise.

Kia Ora - How do you inspire the next generation? By sharing the amazing journeys and stories of women and allies already shaping the current generation. The goal is to share the stories of amazing people doing incredible things across the globe. We’re starting a brand that’s encouraging ourselves to strive higher and speak louder.

Travel Influencers - Travel Influencers has the goal of making travel more accessible. We help verified influencers access giveaways and travel the world for free. Currently, we have a network of over 10,000 verified travel influencers with a reach of over 50 million people.



Random Facts


Looks like you’ve scrolled all the way! Bonus time. I’ll keep adding to this as time goes by 😄 Don’t worry, there won’t be a trivia game coming out for a while so no need to read this.

  • My spirit human is Dharmesh Shah, CTO of HubSpot.

  • My spirit animal is Ferguson from New Girl.

  • My zodiac sign is Pinky Pie.

  • My favourite sponge is SpongeBob

  • *Fun fact; turtles make some weird noises.