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Hey stranger!🧔

I’m Steven, addicted to growth and a recovering awkward turtle 🐢 (quack*).

I’m sharing my journey of growing out of my shell (✋ high five for that pun), starting companies, learning to manage people, starting more companies, and finding my spot in this crazy, crazy world.

I’m currently sharing stories about:

  • How my team and I built a $1M in annual revenue start-up in 6 months,

  • The top personal development things I do to try be the best CEO, start-up founder, boyfriend, brother, son, friend, and random person walking on the street I can be,

  • HubSpot and how to get the most out of it,

  • A new travel start-up for Instagram influencers (whaaaaat?! That’s exciting),

  • And real life guides on how my agency helps established companies generate massive growth.

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Want Random Fun Facts About Me Instead Of Blog Posts Or The ‘Gram?

I’ll keep adding to this as time goes by 😄 Don’t worry, there won’t be a trivia game coming out for a while so no need to read this.

  • My spirit human is Dharmesh Shah, CTO of HubSpot.

  • My spirit animal is Ferguson from New Girl.

  • My zodiac sign is Pinky Pie.

  • My favourite sponge is SpongeBob

*Fun fact about something more important than me; turtles make some weird noises.