Starting A Cooking Class Company From Home 🍴

Heya! πŸ‘‹

Today we're building a new fun business again from the comfort of our homes.

We're also going to cover another style of company, cooking classes!

At 700 searches a month with an average customer value of $200 this is $140,000 p/month opportunity.

Our goal is to figure out how to capture $10,000 a month worth of value.

As always, for those of you who are more visual, check out the video below!

Or you prefer to read, I outline everything below.

‍What's the niche?‍

The niche we're looking at today is 'cooking class Auckland.'

Again we can instantly see that this is a more competitive niche, but still a super easy opportunity.


What are the competitor's SEO like?

First, we take a look at the competitor's websites. Some of them have 1,800+ other websites linking to them?!

That sounds scary but that's okay! With search engine optimisation, it's all about quality over quantity.

DR stands for domain ranking, essentially how trusted a website is out of 100.

The website with 1,800 backlinks has a score of 19.

The website with 3, has a score of 76. Β 

So although they have a lot of backlinks, we can tell the websites that are linking to them are probably spam websites that Google doesn't trust either.

So we've still got a solid chance of ranking on organic search.

What about the ads?

There is only ONE ad for this term and it's for cooking school, not even cooking classes so we should be able to get some very affordable clicks from this.


How about local search?

Moving down to the Google My Business local map pack, we can see again there's more competition.

Two of them have reviews, but only Sachie's Kitchen is making the most out of the Google My Business page.

Cinnamon Lotus doesn't have either a website, or reviews, and Auckland Seadfood isn't making use of all the tools GMB provides either, like the messaging service, the products, offers, or the posts feature that Google offers so we should be able to easily get ranked on the local map pack as well.

So we're definitely going to be testing this niche out!


Let's built the website!

We start by creating a super simple landing page with plenty of call-to-actions.

This time continuing our purple fantasy.

Then as always, we run a very small ad campaign to validate that people searching for this service, are actually keen to get in touch.

Google gives you $100 in free credit with new accounts so very quickly you can run some ads, and test to see if this is a winning niche before you invest any more time or money.

And here are the ads!

I'll keep you posted over the coming few days on how this niche is turning out but this looks like a really fun niche to work with.

And be on the look out for the email tomorrow where we'll explore a new niche and a new website!


My passion is to help as many local companies as I can so if you found this valuable, please forward it to as many people as you know that might find it useful too 😍

Want to win one of these companies? Join the competition!

If you want to learn how I do this, I actually run through everything step-by-step in my 'Build Your Agency Handbook.'

If you want me to find a niche, build the website, test with ads, and hand over a website that's already proven to generate at least $5,000 worth a month of leads which you can then rent to someone else, get in touch!

Finally, if you want me to build you one of these for your niche, let me know! I guarantee that this will be the best investment you've made into your marketing or your money back. And if you know someone who might need this, we're offering 10% in referral bonuses!

As always, send through any and all questions by replying to this email or DMing me on Twitter!

Look forward to hearing from you.



PSST: I'm currently documenting the journey of opening a cosy plant store on TikTok, helping the online world become more accessible through Hello Access & the marketing director at Sunobi. Follow the journey as I sell my first 100 plants!
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