Helping a handyman earn $30,000 a month πŸ’°

Welcome to day 1 of the build a business challenge, where we build a new $12,000 business every single day 🀯

Today we're covering Handyman Near Me which is the first website we created that quickly generated $30,000 a month in leads for our client.

The awesome part is that we built everything in 3 hours.

The goal of what we're doing is to prove that marketing doesn't need to be that complicated.


So we'll be building a website in a niche that's easy to rank for, generate leads for companies in that niche, rent the website to a company for $1,000 a month and pass on all the leads.

For those of you who are more visual, I've created a video outlining everything in this post.



If you prefer to read, jump below.

The Process

Today's niche was 'handyman + location.'

So for us, it was 'handyman Auckland.'

As you can see, this keyword alone has 150 new searches every single month and is super easy to rank for.

If the average quote a handyman gives out is $200, then with an additional 150 new customers a month, they're looking at an additional $30,000 per month in revenue or $360,000 per year in revenue for just this one exact keyword 🀯

If we look for similar keywords, you can see that roughly 1,500 people a month are searching for these handyman services.

So now we know people are searching, we can get to the fun part.

Let's build a site that's going to convert.

Here's the example site screenshotted below.

You can see it's simple, it's clear, it has plenty of call to actions. It works!

Now we've got a site that works, instead of waiting for it to rank organically, we first want to test to see if the people searching will actually get in touch so we run some Google Ads.

Google actually gives you $100 in free credit with new accounts so very quickly you can run some ads, and test to see if this is a winning niche before you invest any more money.

And that's it!

With this simple formula, we managed to generate $30,000 a month in revenue in this niche.

If you want to learn how we do this in more detail, we actually go into a ton of detail in our 'Build Your Agency Handbook' which we sell for $30.

If you want us to find a niche, build the website, test with ads, and hand over a website that's already proven to generate at least $5,000 worth a month of leads which you can then rent to someone else, get in touch!

Finally, if you want us to build you one of these for your niche, let us know! We guarantee that this will be the best investment you've made into your marketing or your money back.

As always, send through any and all questions!

Look forward to hearing from you.


Steven πŸŽ‰


PSST: I'm currently documenting the journey of opening a cosy plant store, helping the online world become more accessible through Hello Access & the growing as the marketing director at Sunobi.
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Steven Male

Written by Steven Male
Hey I'm Steven, and I'm the Marketing Director at Sunobi. ✌︎

I have 10 years experience in growth marketing and currently helping the digital world become more accessible through my passion project, Hello Access! We've worked with teams at Stripe, Meta, and more.


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