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Helping A Local Plumber Get 100 New Clients 🚽

Total Revenue
Up $3,500 from last week.
Total Users
Up 3 from last week.
Last updated October 23rd, 2020, 56 days since launch.

Today I'm helping a whole local business thrive from the comfort of my home.

Once a week I document step-by-step how I'm doing this with the goal of showing that marketing doesn't need to be that complicated.

You're going to learn how to research an industry to see how competitive it is, get leads from Google, gauge how well you'll do compared to your competitors, and actually build a landing page along with your first set of ads.

Today the industry we'll be looking into is plumbing in Auckland!

A screenshot of the competition level of the keyword 'Plumber Auckland'
A screenshot of the competition level of the keyword 'Plumber Auckland'

At 600 searches a month, even with a low average customer value of $100 this is $60,000 p/month opportunity.

I highlighted the keyword 'plumber west Auckland' because this has an even lower level of competition.

As always, for those of you who are more visual, check out the video below!

Or you prefer to read, I outline everything below.

What's the niche?

The niche we're looking at today is 'plumber Auckland.'

A screenshot of the competition level of the keyword 'Plumber Auckland'
A screenshot of the competition level of the keyword 'Plumber Auckland'

Again we can instantly see that this is a more competitive niche, but still a super easy opportunity.

Taking a deeper look into Plumber West Auckland, we can see that there are even more searches every month, and a much lower keyword difficulty.

Keyword difficulty of plumber west auckland
Keyword difficulty of the keyword 'plumber West Auckland.'

Improving the website

Taking a look at the competition that are currently ranked on the first page of Google, while they look like awesome companies, I reckon we can do a better job by making sure our landing page is very clear and straight to the point.

At the moment this is what their website looks like.

Hydrolix's current website
Hydrolix's current website

While it's a solid page, it lacks a clear call-to-action, and the stock images make it feel less like a local business and less trustworthy.

I wanted to bring an offer they recently implemented to the forefront to see if we could double the number of people turning into leads.

Their new landing page
Their new landing page

As you can see, I added an awesome video from the owner of Hydrolix himself to give it that personal feel, and brought up the testimonial section too so instantly a visitor knows what the page is about, and if they need some, there's instant social proof.

Setting up Google Ads

The next step after seeing if we can improve on the landing page is verifying that the traffic to this keyword are from people who are actually interested in getting in touch.

The reason we test the traffic is because there are plenty of keywords where people are browsing.

It could be a keyword like 'DIY plumbing Auckland' where the person searching is actually looking for a guide on how they can fix their own pipes.

So by running a low cost ad campaign, we can test the traffic, and only when we verify that the people searching this keyword are keen to get in touch, do we invest more into ranking organically.

So here's the current layout of ads at the moment.

Google results for the keyword Plumber Auckland
Google results for the keyword Plumber Auckland

The ads are good, but they're all quite similar.

That's why I chose to go down a more personalised route including sentencing like 'send us a picture or a video for a free quote.'

The preview of the ad I created
The preview of the ad I created

Hopefully this is different enough from the current ads to capture our audiences interest and get them to get in touch.

Ranking in Local Search

So Hydrolix is already ranking for the keyword 'Plumbing East Auckland' which is awesome but that keyword only gets 150 searches a month.

Current local results for the keyword 'Plumber East Auckland'
Current local results for the keyword 'Plumber East Auckland'

On top of that, by ranking for a more narrow region, they're excluding the rest of Auckland including the two major keywords 'plumbing Auckland' and 'plumbing West Auckland.'

So my suggestion would be to remove the word 'East' from their Google My Business page which will allow them to rank for a wider range of local searches.

I'll keep you posted over the coming few days on how I go but this looks like a really fun niche to work with.


My passion is to help as many local companies as I can so if you found this valuable, please forward it to as many people as you know that might find it useful too 😍

If you want to learn how I do this, I actually run through everything in way more depth in my 'Marketing Handbook.'

If you want me to find a niche, build the website, test with ads, and hand over a website that's already proven to generate at least $5,000 worth a month of leads which you can then rent to someone else, get in touch!

Finally, if you want me to help grow your business let me know! I guarantee that this will be the best investment you've made into your marketing or your money back.

And as always, send through any and all questions by replying to this email or DMing me on Twitter!

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Written by Steven Male

CEO of Hello Mellows. My mission is to show the world that marketing doesn't need to be that complicated. Say hi to me on Twitter at @stevensomething.

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